A New Way to Talk to My Computer.

Jaden Locke
4 min readSep 21, 2020
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The Start.

At first when I looked at a computer I always thought that you had to be a genius to communicate with it in a way to develop an application. To me that was like VIP status, only geniuses are allowed to understand this type of stuff or even use a computer in that such way. I took that as motivation because I really wanted to be in that “Mac book VIP Club” and if that happened I knew I was gonna enter a whole new world when it came to computers and i was ready.


The first programming language I have came upon is Ruby. Ruby was also used to build my first application /project and I am honestly glad it was. I’m not saying me and Ruby didn’t have our ups and downs but we definitely got to know each other very well. I looked at Ruby as an obstacle in a really big obstacle course. Because it was a lot of stuff to learn, I took my time through this obstacle course because I really wanted to get to know Ruby like the back of my hand. Through the frustration it was all still really cool to me. So cool that I just had to try to master it. That was also another thing that kept me going and motivated.

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Throughout this fun and frustrating journey with ruby another big thing I learned about was teamwork. Teamwork in the developer world is very beneficial especially with the partner I had his name was Alec Jasik. Alec and I both worked very hard on our project. We both also came across a lot of obstacles, but we took our time and talked it out throughout those obstacles and we put our minds together. So that made it easier to have someone to talk to talk it out with. I also learned a lot from him, every time I didn’t understand something as well as he did he would always help me understand so I wouldn’t be lost. You are always learning in the developer world and I honestly love that. Then if he didn’t understand something I would do the same. We also had good conversation outside of code in between our work. So I would definitely say it was a great experience all around.


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When it came to presenting to our fellow classmates I was very nervous, also I was very excited. Me and Alec had worked very hard on our project, and I was hoping everybody loved our project as much as we did. As they did everybody was very supportive and it being my first ever project it felt pretty good having that support because we were all in this together. We talked about all our methods and what responsibility they had in our application, then we walked them through how to use it. I was very proud of what we created and it was amazing that we got to show our classmates and our instructors and they were so supportive.


My process from not knowing what a coding language was to building my first project was great. I’ve discovered things that I never thought I would discover. The feeling is amazing when you do something you never thought you could do. This was a life changing experience. I even got to show my family members what Alec and I had created and the feeling just gets better. The only thing I am looking forward to now is learning even more, now that is one of my favorite things to do. I am starting to really enjoy these obstacle courses.

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