<h1>The Art of programming</h1>

Jaden Locke
4 min readOct 6, 2020
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Programming in general is a beautiful thing and no not just the front-end, the back-end also they both are beautiful. Maybe something like twins but they both have different personalities also like twins. They look alike from the outside but do not act nothing alike. The backend is what happens behind the scenes nobody really sees the back-end. As for the front-end is what you all see its like a cover of a book but in a website form. Learning both the front-end and the back-end can be quite difficult but it also is a very unique skill to have. You will basically have the ability to build a whole functioning website by yourself, you can also get paid pretty well for it. Becoming a programmer is not easy but it sure is worth it as I was once told “ The mind is a horrible thing to waste”. So come program with me my friend. Become one of the 0.5% of developers in the world. To me thats the cool kids club.

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As I learned programming is difficult, but all you really need is one thing and that is dedication. Dedication will take you a long way. You will get frustrated some times but if you have that drive in you to go back at it you can go very far. A good developer mindset to have is nobody knows everything especially when it comes to computers, on the other hand if you have dedication you can make it to that goal to knowing everything about computers. The mindset of every human being in a way defines who they are. A great quote i heard was “ Eliminate the mindset of can’t because you can do anything.

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I would say a developers main thing it has to do on the daily is learn. Learning is a big part of a programmers life from my experience you will learn something new everyday crazy right? Maybe it’s because technology is constantly changing and as developers it’s our job to keep up with that technology so we can continue to develop and keep users satisfied. When you are learning a new language always remember to set goals for yourself also take your time go at your pace remember you are the one trying to understand. Everybody learns things in their own way so you should try to find out whats the best way to learn for you and stick to it. The better you become at learning and knowing how to learn the better developer you will become. Soon enough you will become excited when it’s time to learn something new.

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Coding is very exhausting mentally so it is okay to take breaks when you get frustrated. Go take a walk or go make yourself some coffee because one thing you do not want to experience is burnout. You can think of burnout something like a sports car when it is doing a burnout. All that smoke, but imagine that smoke coming from your brain for thinking to much. It won’t happen exactly like that but you get the point. The best way to avoid burnout is to give yourself a schedule. You can study one amount of time and take a break for another amount of time. Snacks help to keep you going all that thinking you can get a little hungry. Sleep is the most important thing out of all. Always make sure you get enough hours of sleep.


The life of a programmer is far more challenging at the start, but it gets more exciting as time goes on in my opinion. You can make art with development with just a computer and make it beneficial for everybody . Almost every company needs a website. You can have that power with literally just your fingers and that knowledge with your mind.