The History of React ()

Jaden Locke
Nov 3, 2020
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
  • 2010

Facebook introduced xhp into a php stack and open sourced it. It allowed creating composite components. They introduced the same same syntax in react later on that year.

  • 2011

A man named Jordan Walke created fax JS on an early prototype of React also it shipped a search element on facebook.

  • 2012

Ads on facebook became very hard to manage Jordan Walke created React as a solution to that problem.

Instagram wanted a peice of React also so Pete Hunt made it open source-able for everyone.

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  • 2013

This was the big year for React 2013 was the year Jordan Walke introduced it to everyone. It was also the year it became open sourced.

  • 2014

Was really the year of expansion for React they gained the attention of Netflix, also React Developer Tools became an extension of the Chrome Developer Tools.

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  • 2015

The year when the version of the new React Developer Tools launched, also when Facebook announced that React Native for ios is open and available on Github. Redux was also released by Dan Abramov and Andrew Clark.

  • 2016

Introduced Reacts Error system, also the year Mobx was introduced.

  • 2017

Was the year of even more improvements. Airbnb introduced their new React Library.

  • 2018

In March React 16.3.0 was released


React is a very popular language and is used by many companies today doing totally different things so here is a little history lesson for you guys. React is not that old and it can already do so much cant wait do see what that future holds when it comes to React.